We are here!


We are here, we really moved to Beijing. If you don’t know where Beijing is located, click this link. Beijing is much bigger than Seattle. Mom got a new job so we decided to move. I am from China and love to eat noodles so its ok with me.

The main picture of this blog is a picture of me at the Beijing airport last Friday night. After an 11 hour flight, we landed about 3am PST, I just needed sleep. Is that too much to ask for, Dad? I couldn’t believe how many bags we took on the airplane. I think mom said 9 bags, because we wouldn’t get our air shipment or boat shipment for nearly 2 months. So these clothes must get us through the long, cold, dark winter.

Of course I didn’t sleep on the plane. How can you sleep when there are movies to watch and video games to be played. Both of my parents slept some during the flight but I was wide awake, until the very end. Then they woke me up and I wasn’t too happy.

Packing up our house and saying goodbye to my school, friends and neighbors was sad. I will miss them. At my Seattle school, my class threw me a party, wrote goodbye cards and mom and dad brought in mini cupcakes that everyone was very excited to eat. I told them I’d be back in about two years. We will all be in 3rd grade by then. Wow.

V__1A18 (1)

best friends

The movers came last Monday and Tuesday. They took everything out of the house. Wrapped up our clothes, our three bikes, table and chairs. Everything was gone. The house looked so different empty. Luckily, we were very careful to pack all my legos. Some came on the airplane with us, others on the boat.

Since the movers took everything from the house by Tuesday and we didn’t fly until Thursday, we stayed at a smaller house, near the Ballard library. I really liked this house because it was much warmer than our regular house. And the new house was so close to school so mom walked me there on my last day.

Thursday, moving day, the big day. Before we left the house for the drive to the airport, mom and dad both said they were nervous. Yeah, me too.

I asked myself, what will my new school be like? Is my new room warm and cozy? Will I make new friends? Will these new classmates know about Ninjago? Will all my legos arrive safely? So many questions….As I write more, I’ll answer these questions.




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