New School

Just three days after we arrived in Beijing, my parents made me go to my new school. I kinda wanted to go but would rather slept or played with Legos.

IMG_0018Normally, to get to school I’d take a school bus but on this day we all went by taxi. After meeting someone who looked important, this woman took us to the school store and I tried on lots of clothes. These new clothes are my school uniform. I have two winter outfits, a winter gym outfit and a spring/summer outfit. My dad asked me what I thought of wearing a uniform, and I told him, “it is fine but kinda hard to put on every day.”

Next, we walked to my new classroom. The school is built in a square shape circling a large basketball/soccer blacktop. At the end and start of school, the buses park here.

The school has two teachers in each classroom. One speaks English and the other Chinese. My first day buddy was friendly, I think his name is Dongle. And we have 21 kids my class.

This school starts at 8 until 3:30. Too early. At my old school, my dad got me up at 8am. Our subjects include:

  • violin lesson
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Math
  • lunch
  • a Topic (sometimes Art, more Chinese, or something else not as fun as drawing snakes)
  • music

The first day flew by. We only have two recesses per day and I don’t like that they give you lunch. Only older kids are able to choose which lunch. Also, most kids speak Chinese better than me.

At the end of my first day, my parents met me and we took a cab home. Every other day I’ll take the school bus both ways. There are several kids who live in our compound who also ride this bus which is good if I want to talk. Today, I didn’t feel like talking about my first day. I’m tired. Tomorrow, I may sleep on that bus.

And here is the school bus I ride each day. The pick up is in front of a hotel very close to the entrance to our neighborhood.








  1. Kim and Barry · February 17, 2016

    Who doesn’t love drawing snakes! Love this. Hope you are all well.


    • Scott · February 24, 2016

      Snakes rule! Hope all is well in Maine


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