Biggest smile ever

My mom said they are used to school holidays being one week, five days. The exception is two weeks (10 days) at Christmas. But no school holiday has more than 5 and less than 10.

I only attended school for 4 days before the big school holiday for New Years. So, the entire next week, no school. Yippee!

The following Monday, they got me up to catch the school bus at the regular time, 7:20am. I was really, really not happy about that and I let them know it. Dad says our morning routine is a mess, due to this early bus. I don’t like getting up that early, I prefer Adams elementary start time, 9:30am.

Mom walked me to the bus stop and tried to cheer me up by playing the animal alphabet game. This game, for each letter you have to think of an animal name using that letter. Like:

  • A- ardvark
  • B- Bat
  • C- cougar, etc, etc.

We played the game to the bus stop. Mom, she’s pretty good at this game. Almost as good as me. At the bus stop, 7:20, no bus and no other kids. This is odd. We kept playing the game. 7:25, still no bus and no other kids. Where is everyone?

Mom called dad to check the school calendar. Did Will have a ‘6 day holiday?’ Dad confirmed it. When mom told me, ‘guess no school today’, she said i turned to her with the BIGGEST SMILE EVER!

Remember Mom, we are now in China. New rules about vacation days, really new rules about everything.


One comment

  1. Dave Elderkin · March 5, 2016

    I hope you did something special on your extra day off. When Ben and Kate had a snow day, they would sleep late, eat a big breakfast and play in the snow all afternoon.


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