Why are we not in Beijing?

Why are we not in China?

About a week ago, Dad told me I was going to miss some school because we had to leave China right after mom flew to Seattle. No school, that’s ok with me. And then dad said he just booked a vacation for us, to Vietnam. He said he needed some warm weather. We are going to the beach? Sounds OK with me. I told dad, I just need a shovel, bucket and some noodles. Could be a perfect holiday.

Why did we leave Beijing? I’m not sure….. Something about a delay in getting our residence permit and no one could leave the country. But mom had to leave (some meeting they planned three years ago) and so when she left me and dad’s temporary visas were cancelled. And mom’s office, Bill Gates, told us we had to leave since we were in the country illegally. So we left. Kinda crazy.

So, last Sunday, we flew to Vietnam. Too bad dad was sick. He kept complaining that he felt like his head was going to explode from all the pressure. And he must have blown his nose three thousand times. And his voice was all messed up. Monday, he was still sick, which is ok with me, since he let me watch a lot of cartoons.

The weather was very cloudy, foggy Monday and Tuesday but we still walked around the resort and down the beach. So nice to be at the beach. Felt cool but dad said it was about 40 degrees warmer than Beijing. I told dad I didn’t believe him and that he should stop telling fairy tales.

Wednesday it rained, I mean POURED. Guess that is why the forest/jungle is so green. Lots and lots of rain. At least dad is feeling better.


Pasta with french fries. Must be vacation.

Did i mention the food?  I LOVE this place because they serve fruit loops for breakfast and all their fruit is amazing. Especially the watermelon. Oh, and the almond croissants are the best. Dad at three yesterday then got a stomach ache. He said it was well worth it.


Dad made me do some school work each day.

Thursday and Friday, our last two days, were the best. The sun arrived and it was HOT. We spent hours on the beach, building a sand fortress, looking for animals and just running around. Dad said I was like a caged animal let out. Not sure what that means…

Dad tried to get me into the pool and ocean but no way. He jumped into the waves a few times but jumped back out pretty quick. He then went to baby pool and floated around for awhile. I looked for gecko lizards.

We decided mom would really like this place. Maybe we can come back. Saturday we flew to Hong Kong.

To be continued….


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  1. theitinerary1 · March 6, 2016

    Great post


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