Visa trip part 2, Hong Kong

Saturday, dad and I flew from Da Nang, Vietnam to Hong Kong. The plan was to meet mom


Playing with mirrors at the Science Museum of Hong Kong

and apply for another temporary entry visa to return to Beijing. Hong Kong is the place to get the visa since they say it only takes 24 hours.

At the airport, I tried to convince dad to buy me Vietnamese gummies (candy worms). No luck.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time in Vietnam and hope to return to check out more beach time, the extra yummy fruit and some cultural sites, like the town of Hue.

On the flight, dad got the middle seat again (hee, hee). He talked to guy on the aisle, who was visiting family in Vietnam. He grew up in Da Nang but moved to Lynnwood, WA (just north of Seattle) when he was 17 then moved just outside Boston a few years later.  I couldn’t really hear what they were talking about but likely something about sports, beer and pick up trucks.

Wow, it is a really, really small world.

We landed in Hong Kong after a very quick flight. Those are the best. I slept most of the way to Da Nang but wide awake all the way to Hong Kong.

Flying into Hong Kong is exciting, the water you see is the South China Sea and so many islands around Hong Kong. We landed and it wasn’t as hot as Vietnam but still warm.


Lots of people in Hong Kong, but wearing less clothes compared to Beijing.

Hong has people everywhere, like Beijing, but we decided Hong Kong is cleaner, more fancy shops, clothes and cars, more English spoken and less people spitting compared to Beijing.

Dad made me go into some guitar shop we walked by. My dad like to wander around. Sometimes, I think he doesn’t really know where he is or going. He says that’s the way to discover things.

The guitar shop, pretty large shop, with several dudes playing guitars plugged into amplifiers. Kinda loud. Dad forced me to listen to one guy for awhile. You can tell when my dad is really listening or focused on something. My dad was into it,  said the guy was playing, “Day Tripper.” But after a minute or two the song changed into something louder, his fingers moving quicker, Dad was really impressed. Said it was “like Eddie Van Halen playing Day Tripper.” By that time I wasn’t listening, I was looking to see if the store sold any candy or legos.

Did I mention that Vietnam has the best Mango juice in the world?

The next evening, Mom arrived and the next morning we had to hand over our passports to a stranger in the hotel lobby. The hotel was located near the water, “Victoria Harbour.” We three walked to the water and there was a nice long stretch of places to walk looking across the water to Hong Kong. Didn’t realize we were not in Hong Kong.

Later, we spent a few hours at some historic museum. I didn’t like it nearly as much as the other museum. Dad said mom took some good photos with ‘her’ camera but he can’t find that dang thing so no way to post a few here now. Tomorrow.

So yes, the guy returned our passports, with new visas the next day. A very good thing since our flight back to Beijing was also that day.

Don’t think I ever explained about the visas. Mom said some countries require you to get a travel ‘visa’ before you arrive there. Their cost varies from alittle to a lot. Dad paid about $75 USD for each of our visas to get into Vietnam. That seems like a lot to me. Mom didn’t know how much the Chinese visas cost. Her company hired a company to help. And that company hired a company that hired the guy we gave our passports to, in the hotel lobby. Ok, that is enough of that….

One last breakfast in the hotel. I love hotel breakfast, the buffet. Food is everywhere. Each morning in Vietnam we eat the breakfast buffet. Dad let me eat all the jelly toast I wanted. And mango juice.





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