Spring break trip for Mom


Mom photo bombed dad, hah!!

Few weeks ago was my school’s spring break vacation. And we took a big trip, mostly for mom’s recent big birthday. Mom and dad had been talking about this trip, even before we moved to China. Dad said, “this trip we are going big, for your mom.” We flew to Thailand and spent a week at the beach!!

We stayed at a fancy resort, very close to the beach. Actually, didn’t spend much time on the beach. Each day the weather was perfect, but I thought too hot. Dad said 90 was perfect but not me. Mom said the ocean water current was too strong to swim. Few people ever went out to swim. And the first day, the sand was SO HOT, I burned my bare feet when my flip flop flew off. I was done with the beach.

Lots of families with kids. Game room for teens and a play room for younger kids. Families from all over; England, France, Germany, China, America and lots and lots of Russians. There was a big pool and but we had a private pool at our place.


At night, they showed movies while people swam in the pool.

When we were not eating or sleeping, we were at our private pool.


The Easter Bunny found me in Thailand.

Mom read about 11 books and dad ran most days and we did lots of drawings. He said he is starting to panic thinking about running on the Great Wall of China.


Dad brought a large notebook and we drew pictures every day at the pool.

Our first day at the resort, I didn’t want to go into our pool. I stopped taking swim lessons a few years ago because my ears hurt. Mom said maybe the ear would not hurt now but I didn’t want to risk it. So, that day, I walked around and around our pool, playing with toys and looking for lizards. That night we went to over to a friend of dad’s (Simon, who lives in Singapore whose family was staying at a nearby beach). Simon has three boys, nearly my age and they had to pool too. Those three boys spent hours swimming, diving, jumping and playing in the pool. They had googles and swim fins. Looked like so much fun. But, I still wouldn’t go into the pool.

The next day, Mom knew I really wanted to go in so she helped me. Dad said she must have used magic because she somehow got me to start jumping into the pool. And it was so much fun! Soon, I had my own googles and I played in the area of the pool where I could stand up.I had forgotten how much I love pools. Just need to take more swim lessons.

IMG_0413 (1)

Did I mention the food? Every morning we ate a breakfast buffet that mom and dad were SO excited about. Mom mostly ate fruit, sushi, yogurt, smoothies and more fruit. Dad ate fruit, yogurt, pancakes, omelette, noodles, sushi and pastries. Dad ate alot but said he had to eat that much because he was training. I tried to tell him he was going to get a stomach ache. I had pancakes, smoothies, toast and fruit. The number favorite fruit was MANGO!!! Mango juice, mango fruit, mango smoothie, and mango ice cream.

IMG_0457 (1)

Dad, stay away from my mango juice

Each day, we had mango at breakfast, dinner and often for a snack. Because our breakfast was usually late in the morning, we never ate lunch.

Mom and dad were also very excited about the dinner food. Thai yellow curry, Thai red curry, Thai green curry, phad thai and a bunch of other meals I never heard of. They seemed to really enjoy whatever they ate. Me, just looking for more mango…





  1. Dave Elderkin · April 23, 2016

    Great post! Thank you so much!


  2. Jane Campbell · April 24, 2016

    Hi Will, I love your vacation/happy birthday pictures for your mom. What a beautiful place to swim and draw and eat!! Your food sounds so good. Your Uncle John loves mangos. Be ready when he’s around. I know your mom had a very happy birthday week. I’m glad you got back into the pool. Your pool looks so beautiful and to be able to watch movies at night!! I would love that. Is your Dad’s friend Simon from Charlotte? I’ll be glad when you come to Charlotte this summer. I have a big swimming pool just ready for you. Your Dad and Uncle John used to swim there every summer. I’ll be certain to have some mangos, too. Keep sending your pictures. I love them. Love to you all, Grandma Jane

    On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 7:58 AM, Beijing from 39 inches up wrote:

    > Scott posted: ” Few weeks ago was my school’s spring break vacation. And > we took a big trip, mostly for mom’s recent big birthday. Mom and dad had > been talking about this trip, even before we moved to China. Dad said, > “this trip we are going big, for your mom.” We flew” >


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