Questions from Adams Elementary


June 2, 2016 my school uniform

My dad has been in touch with my Seattle teacher back at Adams elementary. She asked her students to write down a few questions I could answer for them about my life in Beijing. Here are the questions and answers.

How are you doing?

I am good. Right now I am working on my homework with my dad. My mom should be home from work in about 30 minutes, at 6:30pm. Then we eat dinner.

What are some of your friend’s names?

Friends at school are, Noah (Danish), Sophia (USA NY), Siobhan (Ireland) and Luca (Italy). And some friends in my neighborhood are Elsa (USA) and Arden (USA). And Sophia and Noah from my class also live in my neighborhood.

What kind of homework do you have?

Lucky you, you only get like 21 minutes of homework while I get more. I do about one hour each night. Every day I have to read 20 minutes plus math, spelling and Chinese.


Walking to the school bus. Sometimes the air is bad so I wear a mask.

Can you write some words in Chinese?

Yes, we are learning to write Chinese characters every day. Here are some characters I know:


Do you have to speak Chinese at school?

Yes, we speak Chinese each day. I have two teachers, one speaks English and one speaks Chinese. My class has Chinese for one hour every day. And during that hour we are not allowed to speak any English.

What are the houses like around you?

They are squarish. Some are bigger others smaller than my Seattle house. Much closer together here, not much of a yard.

What is your new house like?

It is clean, smaller and with 3 bathrooms but no fireplace, more stairs and a tiny yard. And we have one tree.

Do you have your own room?

Yes, I have my own bedroom and it is bigger than my old room in Seattle. It has a bigger window and closet, too. My mom shipped my Seattle bed so I get to sleep in it every night.

What is your teacher’s name?

My English teacher is Ms. Thomas and my Chinese teacher is Wang Laoshi (Teacher Wang). It is a bilingual program so we learn English stuff and Chinese at the same time, every day. We only have 19 students in my class.

What are you doing at school?

On Friday, we have a spelling test and art class. Monday is violin. Tuesday is China studies. Wednesday is PE (gym). On Thursday, I have after school cartoon drawing.

Have you seen any volcanoes?

Nope but I want to.

What’s your favorite type of Lego?

Here it is, anyone know what this is?


Are you having fun?

Sorta of. Sometimes. Other days no. Some days are more fun than others. Today was a good day, we took the underground metro to a huge bookstore with English language books. My mom bought me two books. One about science and one about Legos. Guess which one I read first?

Ask more questions, if you  want.

Hope you are having to good year at Adams without me. We talk about Seattle and Adams a lot.


Below is one of my favorite places, the giant fish market in Hong Kong.


My family will be in Seattle some this summer and I hope to see you. Your friend, Will


One comment

  1. judy Clarke · January 2, 2017

    I really love hearing about your school experiences Will! Eliza said to say “hello”.


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