Last weeks of school


Dad, I told you my goggles were too tight

The final weeks of my first year at YCIS flew by. Actually, my first ‘half’ year since I started in January.

The primary school had their last ‘concert’ for students Y3 and below. The older kids held a separate concert. Year 1-Year 3 each performed a few songs. My year sang, “Somewhere over the rainbow”, “Back in the garden again” and “Windsong” and a fourth I can’t remember the name. And it wasn’t that good anyway. My dad really liked Over the rainbow because we sang the Hawaiian version made famous by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. 

As with all the other school concerts, mom and dad really enjoyed sitting in the back of the school auditorium and watching all the helicopter parents go nuts filming their kids, waving frantically to make sure their child saw them and ignoring all the instructions the principal announced before the concert began. (ex- stay out of the aisle, no standing and please remain quiet.)

A week before school ended we had Spirit week:

Monday: Dress up as a super hero

Tuesday: Dress alike day (In pairs or groups)

Wednesday: Trash to treasure dress – up (using recyclable materials)

Thursday: Opposite day (Silly) – Upside down, backwards or silly clothing.

Friday: Spirit day – Dress in sporty house colours

I only dressed up on Monday, as a Ninjago warrior.

On Tuesday, we had a ‘shared’ lunch, by grade. Year 3 parents brought in all kinds of different foods. My dad brought mac and cheese, which was very popular but I told him next time heat it. About 30 parents showed up and piled the tables high with chicken, pizza, dumplings, sushi, noodles, fried rice, salad, more pizza, sausage, sandwiches, chicken wings, fried chicken, baked chicken, pork, seaweed and plain rice. And then there was a separate table for the desserts. They brought enough food to feed the entire primary school. My favorite was the pizza from Great Leap brewery. IMG_1227

Earlier, mentioned ‘house’ colors. Our school houses are similar to the houses in Harry Potter but we don’t have any magic wands and brooms. My house is the Green Dragon. Each house has their own colored t-shirt.

On Friday, sports day, we have played games outside by each house. We ran obstacle courses, played games and ate ice cream. My house didn’t win the grand prize, a pizza party but the Red Phoenix house did. Lucky.

Recently  bit of rain, thank goodness but it comes mostly very quick in the afternoons. They say June is one of the wetter months.

Many of my friends will travel this summer and some move to other countries. The school has about 20% turn over each year so in August, I will not be the new kid at school anymore.

Just a week after the end of school we fly Delta to Seattle!!! Dad keeps talking about Mexican food. Our great summer 2016 tour will include Seattle, Mazama, Connecticut, New Jersey, NC and back to Seattle.


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