The grand US of A Summer tour 2016, part 1

The entire family left Beijing about a week after my school year ended. Time for the 2016 USA Summer tour. Our stops include; Seattle, Mazama WA, Western CT, southern coast of NJ, NC mountains, CLT, NC coast and then back to Seattle. I’m writing this as we sit on the tarmac in ATL, on our way from Philly to CLT. Sadly, at the moment, the entire airspace east of ATL is shut down due to severe Thunderstorms. I told my dad flying through ATL, in the late summer afternoon is too risky but he booked the flight anyway. He mentioned something about using ‘miles’ to buy the tickets required a stop in ATL.

Yes, it was kinda strange to be back in Seattle but I had super fun play dates with Becket, Claire and spent the fourth at Kyle’s cabin in Mazama. Great to see my Seattle friends again. When we return to Seattle, the first week of August, I hope to see them all again.

From Seattle, we headed East to visit mom’s family and then dad’s family. Spent about 10 days in Western CT, at Aunt Ellen’s house in the woods. They live on a lake and we went fishing several times. Uncle Tom has a nice big row boat and rows us out in the lake to fish. Dad caught the most fish, several sunnies and a perch. Uncle Tom called him ‘old school’ since he chose to use a worm on a hook with a bobber. Tom cast a lure called a ‘popper.’ Dad and I dug up the worms in their backyard. Moved fallen leaves and found some yummy looking worms- yummy for the fish, not for me. Tee hee. Put them into a plastic container that Tom punched holes in using a nail. I put dirt in it and leaves, to make the worms feel right at home.

The last day we fished, dad landed two more sunnies but Uncle Tom still stuck with his popper although he hadn’t caught a single fish. Mom was with us this day, and the boat felt a bit over crowded. Tom read a sticker on the boat that said the boat was safe with a passenger weight of less than 300 lbs. Uncle Tom said he, plus dad, plus mom, plus me would equal over 500 pounds. Oops. The rest of the fishing, I kept thinking I hope the boat doesn’t sink. And glad I was wearing my life vest.

Mom helped me practice my casting with tom’s fishing rod, while he rowed. One cast I did, went pretty far and about two seconds after tom’s popper hit the water, a big splash erupted around the lure. It was a FISH! I pulled on the rod, and dad yelled to keep the fishing rod tip up as I fought the fish. The hooked fish jumped out of water, it was a bass! A large mouth bass!
I did get it to the boat and Uncle Tom scooped it up in his fishing net. He took the hook out and held it up. Said it was about 12 inches long and maybe 1.5 pounds. My first large mouth bass!!! How is it possible that no one had their phone to take my photo…?

Auntie Trish drove up and stayed with us a few days and is always great to see her. Then we drove to her house and stayed at a nice and cold hotel right across the road from the ocean. I like sleeping in a cold room. We spent time with cousins Luke and Emma. Ate hot dogs, ice cream and cheerios, yum. The next day, we had a pizza dinner with Uncle Billy, aunt Wendy and two more cousins Zack and Magin.

After CT, we three returned uncle billy’s car, picked up a rental car and hit the highway. New Jersey, here we come!  The hot weather continued but dad kept the AC on. Sometimes, he turns it off, not sure why….From Connecticut, through a corner of New York state and down to New Jersey to its bottom. I am hitting a lot of states on this trip.

Uncle Dave, Aunt Dianne and grandma met us at the beach house. Their house is right on the beach, first row. A few years ago, a hurricane destroyed the bottom of their house. Completely washed it away with cousin Ben’s surfboard. Glad no storms this trip. I spend hours walking the beach looking for shells and at night, snuck around the house in the dark. That is part of my ninja training.


With Kyle, at Kyle’s cabin Mazama, WA


Last day of school June 2016


Somewhere off the coast of CT


Buying a new book on Rocks, at REI Seattle.


In an airport again. I have no idea what state or country this is.


On the fishing boat with uncle Tom. Lake Winchester, CT.

image1 (1)

Why did I think having Kyle throw a baseball at me, with only a pillow as shield was a good idea?



  1. Becky · August 8, 2016

    Thanks Scott and Will. It was great being with you.


    • Scott · August 12, 2016

      Thanks Becky. Hope you have a great rest of the summer.


  2. Becky · August 8, 2016

    Thanks Scott and Will. It was great to see you.


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