Grand tour of US of A 2016, part 2

IMG_1259Back on an airplane, as I tell this story we are on Delta flight 129 from Seattle to Beijing, CHINA!!. We should depart in about 30minutes. Our second visit to Seattle, on this summer tour is about to end.

I love Business Class and I tell my parents that often. They think i’m getting spoiled (yes we do) since 4 of 5 flights this summer were all upgraded to business class. I do really miss my mom when she travels all the time back to Seattle for work but I also do love the business class she can book with her zillion.4 Delta Miles. Here in Business Class I get a giant pillow, huge blanket, enough leg room for 2 more of me and best of all, the video player. All the cartoons, movies and games your parents will allow you to watch. And on a 11 hr and 50 minute flight like today, that is ALOT. Even if dad limits my screen time, chances are he will nap so….  🙂

Back to telling about our summer tour. I think we were talking about New Jersey. It was hot in NJ. The drive from the NJ ‘shore’ to the Philly airport was a bit scary. From the Philly airport, me, my dad and grandma planned to fly to CLT while mom had to fly back Seattle.  Miss you mom. On a big highway, I-95 South, about 15minutes from the airport, dad who was driving, suddenly called out that we were getting a flat tire. And I think he also said a dirty word. On the car dashboard was a small picture of the car and the right back tire was flashing and dad said the displayed air pressure number was quickly falling. Dad said he didn’t recall running over anything but mom remembered a few miles back when we passed through a toll booth, she remembers a bump, like we did run over something. Mom’s memory is normally way better than dad’s. Sorry dad. We all felt the tire go completely flat and dad put on the flashing hazard lights and pulled over to the side of the highway. Funny, we parked right in front of a HUGE stadium. Mom read the name, it was the football stadium for the Philadelphia Eagles. With cars whizzing by, dad didn’t want to open the door to inspect the tire. So, we slowly moved the car forward, in the emergency lane until the next exit off the highway. Dad replaced the damaged tire, with the help of the AAA guy that Hertz had called. The spare time is called a doughnut. Not sure why but I was kinda hungry. Luckily, we drove back onto the highway, dropped off the car and still made our flight.

Dad is writing all this solo because I’m currently sound asleep. We are about two hours from Beijing. I watched about 4 hours of cartoons before dad told me both of us needed to go to sleep. After I thought dad was asleep, I turned the video player back on. Sadly, dad woke up and told me to turn it off and try again to sleep.

The flight was fine going to Atlanta but after switching planes, we had a LONG delay. Just sat on the plane, on the tarmac for about 3 hours waiting for a big thunderstorm to pass. Landed in Charlotte few hours late then next day drove up the mountains.

The mountains were fun. Cousins Adele and MT were there. And we went swimming and hiking just over the border in Tennessee (another state for me) with amazing view but what I really loved was driving the golf cart. Uncle John and I played a few songs together. I’m playing the green shaker below.

Next, we returned to Charlotte, picked up grandma and drove to the NC ‘shore’. I think they call it just the beach. Again it was hot but a nice wind blew everyday so didn’t feel too hot. Everyday, we played on the beach, built sand forts on the beach and grandma just read on the beach. She reads alot. The water was SO much warmer than in Jersey. Dad called it a giant bath tub.

And for our last stop on the summer tour, back to Seattle. Dad and I stayed at Asha’s house, Miles and Nadine and then Adam and Nathan’s house. At Asha’s house, dad says you better get ready for the Dead. I used to think he was talking about Halloween but dad means some music the Asha’s dad LOVES called The Dead.

Sadly, Miles and Nadine were out of town but I played with Miles’ legos and met their new dog Chester. He kept trying to eat my legos and carried off one my dad’s shoes.

While dad ran ‘errands’, I had many play dates; Kim, Beckett and several days with Emily and her mom. They also make cool stuff and one day we all made shrinky-dinks.

Can’t believe our summer tour is now over. We three are back in Beijing. Part of me is not happy to be back in Beijing. I miss my friends, family and I have to start studying Chinese again.  Ugh. But part of me is glad. I’ll see my friend Noah soon, when he returns from Denmark and school starts in two weeks. I’ll be second grade but here they call it Year3.


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