End of summer fun

(finishing up old stuff never published..)

The family arrived back in Beijing early August and it was HOT! Not hot like 100 degrees but hot in the 90s and very humid. Dad kept saying ‘this is Georgia humid.’ but I don’t think he has ever lived in Georgia.

The day after we arrived, Dad and I went to our pool. It’s not really ‘our’ pool but since its about 30 feet from our front door, we call it ‘our pool.’ Dad met a swim teacher and signed me up for swim lessons. Naturally, when Dad asked if I wanted to take swim lessons, I said “no”. That is how I roll.

So, for the next two weeks, I had a swim lesson at our pool nearly every day, for 45 minutes. Yes, I was nervous but I really liked the teacher. He is from Bangladesh but has been in Beijing for about 10 years so his Chinese is really great. He talked to me some in Chinese but mostly in English.

He teaches full time at the big pool at the nearby Canadian school. During the summer, he works extra hours, in the late afternoon and evenings teaching private lessons at our apartment (Guangming) complex pool.

We worked on floating, breathing, and first the back stroke then the crawl.

This is a good picture (above) because it shows me working on floating but the picture also shows the pool crew. The guys in orange shirts, usually 2-3 are the life guards, maintenance and security for the pool. Most of the time they are on their phones and leave the swimmers alone. But, they are usually very friendly and many times, I’ve seen them do a great job monitoring little kids or kids who are not strong swimmers like me.

During August the warm air temperatures kept the pool water very warm all day and into the early evening. But once the weather started to cool down, early September, the pool temperature rapidly dropped once the sun went down (late afternoon). My last few lessons, begun after the sun had set, I became SO cold in the pool, we needed to end early. I was FREEZING! After the second time, dad decided it was time to end the lessons.


Overall, I am very glad to improve my swimming. Now, I can swim on my own. Jump into the pool, swim to the lane ropes, float, dive to the bottom and swim about half the length of pool. Probably not going to swim again until our trip to BALI, at Christmas!!



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