The six fingered man

(another oldie, never posted. Dad is writing solo).

Image result for the six fingered man
One day last week, we three were playing Monopoly, which the boy LOVES. Every time, he uses the same strategy- purchase Park Place and Boardwalk Avenue and sink every last penny into putting a hotel on each. Then just wait for the victims to land there and bleed them dry. The first two times he tried this strategy it worked. We both landed on his property and went bankrupt trying to make the payments.

This time playing, I bought and built up an entire corner of the board(the green and yellow properties). After I had put three houses on each of the six properties, I began to call the area, “the corner of despair.” Based upon the movie, “The Princess Bride’s “Pit of Despair.”

Every time someone approached the corner, I reminded them, “beware of the corner of despair.” The boy thought that was hi-larious and laughed and laughed.

Kw remembered the movie quote and also recalled she had “the princess bride’ downloaded on her iPad. So, after the game we watched the movie. The boy loved it although thought the Rodents of unusual size (ROUS) were a bit scary.

On our flight to Phuket, Thailand for his spring break, the flight showed a documentary about the Panda bear. Displayed an X-ray of the Panda paw. Five fingers plus a thumb like finger. The boy leaned over and whispered to me, ‘hey, its the six fingered man.’


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