All things Harry Potter

img_0926I’ve been reading a lot lately. Really a lot. Everyday, I read about 30 minutes, sometimes much longer. Not sure when we started Harry Potter…I think my dad started reading with me last year. He’d read a page then I’d read a page. Initially, I wasn’t reading so much but few months ago, things changed. Dad said I drank the Harry Potter cool-aid.

Now, every single day, I read my Harry Potter book. I read all over the place, in my bed, on the sofa, at the table, on the back of dad’s bike, walking down the street and at restaurants. Mr. Cole, my teacher (he is from Wales) says I need to read at least 20 minutes but I read much more than that. After I go to bed, often my parents do not know how late I stay up reading. Sometimes it’s hours or even all night. Or at least it feels like I’ve stayed up all night, the next morning when I try to get up and go to school.

After I finish each book, we watch the movie. I’m currently on book 5, so we’ve seen the first four movies. I’ve watched the first and second several times.

My dad asked me a few questions about Harry Potter and here are my answers:

  1. Why did you start reading? My mom convinced me, said I’d really enjoy it. At first I didn’t believe her.
  2. Which book is your favorite? The first, it was fun to read
  3. If you could be any character in the book, who would you be. Snape, definitively.
  4. Which character scares you? Voldemort.
  5. Which movie is your favorite? The second because of the Basilisk. I love snakes.
  6. If you attended Hogwarts, which house would like to be in? Slitherin, because of the snakes.
  7. If you were a student, which would be your favorite class? Potions.


  1. Dianne · November 1, 2016

    There is a big place in heaven for J. K. Rowling


    • Scott · November 1, 2016

      The boy recently said she is one of his “favorite” people. Thanks for reading.


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