Where is the Lorax?

A few weeks ago (since my dad is always slow writing these posts), when I was walking home from my bus stop to our apartment, with my dad, we heard a chain saw. We rounded a bend and there is a very odd sight to see. It’s kinda hard to see him but in the first picture, but there is a HUGE crane, with a strap, holding up a guy, who is in the tree, holding a HUGE chain saw.


We figured he was doing some seasonal tree trimming. And although the guy holding the chainsaw wore no helmet, or safety harness, since that is the norm for China, we kept walking home.

Inside our apartment, we kept hearing the chainsaw, going and going. We wondered what the heck could take them so long to trim a tree. The next day, we got the answer to our question:


I think the first word out of my dad’s mouth is one i’m not supposed to repeat. We were stunned they would cut so much from the trees. My dad said, “where is the lorax when we need him.”

It is too bad they cut all the trees so much. Our compound has a lot of big trees, which is very rare in the city. Beijing is so gray, so little color, that all these colored leaves made a big difference.Or they used to before they cut them all off.

A neighbor said he thought the trees would grow back, I really hope so.



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