Our Christmas tree

Few weeks ago, we biked over to a flower market to look for a Christmas tree. Chinese flower markets do have flowers, a lot of flowers on the first floor. But on the second floor they sell tons of other things. Mom and dad can practice their Chinese here but their Chinese isn’t very good and they often ask me, “what’s the Chinese word for…?”

Before Halloween, we went to the second floor of this market and bought all our Halloween gear (lights, customs and other stuff).

This year, we decided to buy a fake Christmas tree. The flower market did sell a few real (live) trees but if we bought a fake one, we could use it again next year.

Mom and dad looked a few different fake trees before picking one. Think dad said it cost less than 50 US dollars. Soon after we bought the tree and got it in the box, dad asked, “this is pretty heavy, how will we get it home?” Thank goodness for the cargo bike!

I didn’t think it would fit on dad’s bike but we found some straps and just tied it on. Dad said the bike leaned a bit to the left, since the box was so heavy, but we were able to bike home without any wrecks. I sat in my usual place inside the ‘hooptie’ and held on to the bag full of Christmas things we bought.


Now the fake tree looks pretty good.



One comment

  1. Ellen Walsh · January 3, 2017

    The popcorn garland makes it perfect!




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