Winter time

It is now January and cold and too often we need to wear masks. But they say the “weather” is the worst around late December and early January. Funny, the Chinese call bad air pollution, bad “weather.” I don’t think it is the same thing.


This is not ‘fog’

The other Sunday, our friend Roman and his daughter Becky picked up me and dad and drove us to a nearby frozen lake. (mom was in Seattle) Traffic was nuts but I think that is normal for this town. We were supposed to be able to play on the frozen lake but didn’t work out. Houhai Lake is big, you can walk around it. It is just north of the Forbidden city so not too far. Lots of shops, restaurants ring it. Some people were out walking and riding ice bikes but because the temperature was rising they stopped letting people get out on the ice. Funny, they stopped people from getting on the ice because of thinning ice but they didn’t remove the people already on the ice… Strange. Dad said, ‘that’s how the Chinese do it.’

We found some cotton candy. Oh, and this crazy old man jumped into the lake, right beside us.

Even in the cold, my dad and I still ride his bike. I don’t get cold but my dad does. The other day, we went to buy a plant. Lots of expats are always leaving and moving to town so lots of stuff to buy cheap. Dad decided the house needs some plants so we biked over to the Kingston Apartments and the family leaving turned out to a boy from my class. Small world. So, we pick up the plant and dad said it will fit on the bike. I tried to tell dad it’s too big….. Think the long bamboo branches hit about 6 people and several cars as we biked home.

Here is a picture of me and my friend Noah walking out on another frozen lake. This is Chaoyang Park, very close to our place. My dad jogs here all the time. And the other picture is us eating Cheeseburgers at our favorite burger place, Great Leap Brewery. My parents ate a cheeseburger but I had the Sunday brunch egg burrito, pretty good.


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