Moving day finished

(just found this in the ‘draft’ folder. Time to bring into the light)

We left Seattle, way back in January. I forget the day, maybe the 25th…Bet mom knows the date. Today is April 18th (2016)  and our moving is now complete. Our “stuff” arrived today.

When we left our house, some stuff went into storage in Seattle, some stuff went with us on the airplane, some stuff went in a separate airplane shipment and the last stuff went by boat.


Arrival in Beijing. Who brings this much stuff? Little did we know we’d wait 12 weeks for our other stuff to arrive. Btw, I’m really tired, can I sleep on this?

Talking to dad we tried to remember what stuff went where…

  • Storge- the furniture we didn’t bring. Some clothes and other stuff
  • In duffel bags-mostly winter clothes, some shoes, just a few legos
  • Air shipment- the MAC, my and dads guitar and….
  • Boat shipment- sofa, books, love seat, my bed, summer clothes, dishes.

All of us are very excited. Mom is happy to get her books, more clothes and dishes. Dad can’t remember what he packed, versus put into storage, so it feels like Christmas to him. And me, I get more LEGOS!!

The property manager provided some furniture that we had removed before our stuff arrived.


Out with the old…


In with the new

Now Beijing feels more like home. Well, “home” with a bunch of loud air filtration machines running.



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