Old friends

Way back in the day, ISL and I went to the same pre-school in Seattle. This was the school with mostly Chinese teachers and students. We learned Chinese. I went for one, maybe two years… ISL was my best friend at this school.

ISL’s mom is Chinese and his dad is American. ISL and I had several play dates, back in the day. Then we went to different kindergartens. I went to Adams in Ballard and ISL went to a fancy private school near the UW. I forget the name but dad called it something like “paying for college in kindergarten.

Before we moved to Beijing, ISL and I saw each other several more times. ISL and his family visit Beijing once a year, since his mom still has family here. So, we knew they would visit. Then came to China last summer but we missed them, we were in the states.

ISL and his mom came to town the other day and we made plans to see them. I was nervous. Hadn’t seen ISL in about a year. Would he like the same things as I do?

  • Does he read HP (harry potter)?
  • Has he read ALL the HP books?
  • Has he seen all the HP movies?
  • Does he still play with legos?
  • Does he still listen to the Beatles? (my dad asked this question)
  • Does he have a science lab in his house, like me?

What would happen if he didn’t like these things? Would we not get along, no longer be friends?

I told my mom I was nervous before he arrived. She said she was very sure he still liked many of the things I like. But if he didn’t like something, that is ok. If he had new hobbies or interests maybe I’d like those things.

After ISL and his mom walked into our house, he ran up to me and said, “show me your room.” So, we walked upstairs and in about 30 seconds we were laughing and playing with my air hockey table.  We had fun and then the next day he came over and we spent the day together. Just like old friends.



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