Amazing April

Wow, April sure when by fast. Kinda like every month here. Summer is almost here!

Since this is ‘my’ blog, I decided to let my dad include the first picture for April. He is kinda a college basketball fan and wanted me to post this so, ok…..He says we don’t need to discuss it since the picture will explain itself.


Kennedy Meeks, West Charlotte High school grad. Go Lions!

Early in the month, the three of us walked over to a friend’s house. My mom likes wine and since Dad is mostly a beer guy, if she gets an invite to drink some wine, we go. Our friends live near the US Embassy, it’s a quick five minute bike ride. Jon is older than my dad but exercises. Not a runner like my dad but he said he is very good at pushups. Since my training includes daily pushups we gave a demonstration:


This month my dad signed me up for some tennis lessons. Another girl in our neighborhood also signed up. I didn’t want to do it but I think my dad really wanted me to. I’ve had 2 maybe three lessons. Our compound has two tennis courts so very quick walk. One court is new and nice and the other really old and worn out. We practice on the old one. The teacher is nice but speaks no English. I can understand some of what he says. For other words, I just pretend to understand him.


Speaking of sports, my dad ran another marathon last month. Or maybe this was March….anyway, we flew to Seoul, Korea for his race. It was kinda cold but we ate good food and the hotel roll away bed I slept on was really soft and had three pillows.


The big trip of April was to the BIG Island of Hawaii, over my school spring break. We met my cousin Kate and her parents and boyfriend. I played a lot in the pool and we rode in a helicopter over active volcanoes. Wow. The food was really good and my dad said he gained five pounds, even after running almost every morning.


The last trip of April was hiking and camping on the Great Wall. We hiked nearly straight up a mountain. Dad said he was really ‘spent’ after getting to our campsite. Luckily, we didn’t have to carry our tent and sleeping bags and food. A donkey carried all the heavy stuff. Or was it a mule….? Dad was impressed with the pictures mom took with her fancy camera. I think some of these are really great too.







Not sure why this picture makes my parents laugh. I was hot and wanted to sleep on the floor. What’s the big deal?




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