Nearly Summer, now June

What has been happening……?

My class and school held their final school year music concert last week. There are 3 maybe 4 concerts per year. My grade (3 classes) played two songs on these GIANT red Chinese drums. I really liked it but don’t tell my parents. We practiced for weeks or maybe months. Mom said we sounded really good.


Can you find me, I’m right in the middle. Wearing a white shirt under my read Chinese shirt.

That same day, my grade (year3) held an open house and parents were allowed in to watch our collaborative space and group work in action. Next year, another group of YCIS classes will follow our (year 3) lead and build similar open work spaces.

Here are some random pictures from biking in the city, dad took recently. I forget where we were going but dad wanted to take a picture of these dogs in a wagon. This is at the 3rd ring road, very close to mom’s office. The nice wide bike lane is in Sanlutin, a neighborhood close to ours. Dad misses trees like this. Most of the city streets don’t look anything like this.


As I tell dad what to write, there is less than two weeks left in the school year. Am I really excited? Actually, I told mom that I want to keep going to school. She looked at me kinda funny.

Last Sunday was father’s day. Dad wanted pancakes, bacon and lots of syrup for his special breakfast so mom cooked up a big stack. Using a gluten free mix, so she could eat some too. Very tasty.

After our (late) breakfast, we walked to the Liangmaqiao metro station. Dad had wanted to go to the Olympic Forest Park for a long time and today we decided to go.


Metro stop near the Olympic Forest Park. The train arrives behind this cool glass.

This is the largest park in the city, build for the 2008 Olympics. HUGE place, with walking trails, a giant lake and lots of green grass and trees. So much water and green, for a minute, you forget Beijing is a desert. It was hot, really hot today but a cool wind picked up, unfortunately, as soon as we rented a paddle boat at the big lake.

Soon after we started peddling, the sky turned a bit darker and wind picked up. Mom and Dad needed my help peddling so I helped out. Our boat didn’t go so fast, next time we’ll rent a fancy electronic boat, no peddling required.

The park was nice, Dad was impressed with all the running trails around the lake. We’ll be back.

And 10 feet from the heading down into the metro, to head home, the rain arrived.



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